Wedding Dance Tips

Wedding Dance Tips

Wedding dance marks the beginning of the journey of a married couple. In any wedding reception, one must make sure there is a place where you show your dancing skills to others.

An early start to practice can make things go easier and will eventually impress all present with the confidence you show off at the reception.

You can sign up for a group dance lessons much before your special day. Try to begin it six months in advance of your wedding day. Starting early will allow you to gain dance skills and continued practice will help you achieve the beauty of elegance on the special day of your life. And most importantly, it will help you perfect the choreography and gain confidence to perform in front of a crowd.

The next step is to pick up a dance tune which both you love. Sometimes, couple can just hold themselves romantically and sway to the soft flow of the music. Many couples do have their special song. Even if they don't have, they can ask their dance instructor or reception DJ for some suggestions. It is advisable and wise to limit the song to 2 minutes, as anything longer than this will make it seem like an eternity. Besides, the song you choose can help you determine the choreography of your dance.

As a tradition, the Bride and the Groom pairs up to start the dancing activity or session of the reception. Then, the Bride and her father will dance together. After a few bars of music the Groom may invite his mother to dance. When the song finishes, the couple's thanks each and the bride and the groom return to each other.

When the next song starts, the attendants begin dancing with each other. The parents of each attendant also dance together. All this while, the newly married couple carries on with their dancing rhythms. At this stage, the parents of the bride and groom may also join in and dance with each other.

The Fourth Tune is generally meant for the Guests. When this starts, the attendants and parents of the attendants may split up and start asking guests who are still sitting down to dance. It is a good idea for the attendants to thank their partners at the end of every dance and find someone new to dance with who is still sitting down. This approach will help to ensure that everyone has a good time and everyone is invited to dance.

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