Mandap decor tips

Mandap Decor Tips

Traditional Hindu weddings in India take place within a mandap and are held in an open ground. Mandap is a four pole canopy at the center of the stage and is made of bamboo. It is the place where the groom and the bride places their garland on one another and is where the most important element of the Hindu wedding that is identified by the holy fire is placed.

Decorations of this mandap differ from region to region. The traditional rituals and customs like the kanyadan, the tying of the mangalsutra, pheras and jaimala are all done in this mandap that is decked on the base of four pillars made of bamboo. Given the task it encompasses the mandap is therefore considered as a scared place where the pious religious ceremony for the holy union of two persons take place.

All eyes are fixed on this canopy or mandap and the decorations of it to exhibit style are considered a task that should be handled properly to make it look magnificent.

Types of Mandap Decorations

The choice of employing the perfect color is the first step towards making an impressive mandap. Customarily, red and silver that are considered as the colors of prosperity are given comes ahead while choosing colors. But in modern times, colors such as yellow, green, pink and orange are also used considerably. Colors inspired by western mandap decorations like mauve, peach, blue, pink and sea green have also become convenient.

Decorating the mandap with choices of fresh and artificial flowers is a must. To give a traditional touch, marigold, roses and jasmine are used. The pillars are also draped with garlands. However, there is option of using silk drapes instead of the conventional garlands. But, all the while, the drapes must be complementary with that of the overall color scheme used for the mandap. Even, wall hangings and beautiful artifacts are also used. Decorative and attractive bright tents or Shamianas are rented for holding this ceremony.

Illumination of the mandap is another important task of making it the work complete. Elaborate lightning fixtures are achieved with lanterns, candles, LED lights and yellow lights.

Sincere efforts must be put in to organize a well organized and efficient looking wedding mandap, as it is symbolizes the most important location for the marriage ceremony itself.

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