The wonder that is India is full of diversities and people of different religions like Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist and Jain resides here harmoniously. Jain community has a small but significant presence and the special event of wedding in it command a great respect not only in this sect but in others as well. Like any other particular religion, here are also consist of several sacred rituals.

Jain Wedding Rituals


The customs in this religion are extremely ethnic and represent the true essence of India. The practices are traditional. The marriage on the whole is considered to be a public declaration after which the Jain people are expected to take on the responsibilities of a married life. They are performed exclusively by the respected priests. The sacrosanct rites are carried out with a lot of pomp and fervor and they are colorful too.

Rituals and Customs

There are many traditions, which have been followed from many years. These are divided into three crucial stages. Prior to the D-Day, they are laghana lekhen, lagna patrika vachan, sagai, mada-mandap, barat and aarti. While the phere, kanyavaran, havan and granthi bandhan are the exact day practices. After celebrating the propitious occasion celebrations, enjoying music, dance and traditional cuisine are arranged. There are customs that should be followed for the traditional attires too. Brides are strictly recommended to wear sarees, 'lehanga' and traditional jewelry and the Groom is to wear traditional kurta pyajama or dhoti kurta while performing them.

Special Features

Some of the customs are strange and quite unusual. In the 'ghudchadi', groom is given his headgear and his mother and all relatives apply tika on his forehead. After this, the groom goes to temple riding a horse while other relatives follow him. It is not just the bride and groom that have to perform these rites, but also the families from both sides as well as guests. Such nuptial traditions in the community bring in a sense of unity to both families and also help to break the ice between the groom and bride.

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