Hindu scripture suggests four phases of life, out of which Grahastha Ashram commands a great significance. The rituals of such sacred event sanctify the union of a man with a woman. In India, the marriage, as an institution, is regarded as sacred and gives lives of the individuals a new meaning. Several traditions of such auspicious occasion are arranged by the families of the bride and the groom.

Hindu Wedding Rituals


There are a number of customs in a Hindu wedding ceremony. There are four stages of life in this sect. "Sastra" and "Grahastha Ashram" is the second stage of life which means marriage. In the Indian society, the nuptial knots are mostly the arranged one. The first step is when the parents find for a right match for their children. In this particular religion, marriages are considered as union of two families. The entire family, friends and community participate in the event's celebrations. Thus, the sanctified practices are quite distinct and colorful.

Rituals and Customs

After the first procedure of arranging the marriage, the next step is that both the families arrange the auspicious engagement ceremony. This is when they call a priest to carry out the various necessary rites. The engagement ceremony varies from different community to regions. During the ceremony, the bride and the groom exchange rings along with garlands and sweets. The next main occasion is the "Mehndi" ceremony. It is celebrated by the bride's family and friends. This includes applying henna to the bride's feet and hands. All the while, the family members enjoy themselves by singing and dancing. The colour of the "Mehndi" denotes the essence of love to strengthen the bond of love between the couple.

On the final day, the "Mandapa" or the wedding place is beautifully decorated by flowers. The propitious occasion is usually long and lasts for nearly seven hours. According to the belief in the religion, the couple takes the "Saptapadi" or seven steps which means real significance of marriage and life.

Special Features

During the whole occasion, the house is filled with enjoyment. The specially prepared sweets and food add flavour to the celebration. Besides, the customs are based on the Vedic traditions that mean various aspects of married life.

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