Christians are an integral part of Indian society. They enjoy a small but significant demographic status. Such religion has a great impact on Indian society. This culture, which is known for gracefulness, becomes more explicit in performance of the wedding occasion. The auspicious event is an extended process that starts well before the D-day and goes beyond it.

Christian Wedding Rituals


These traditions consist of religious customs that are carried on in the couple's family. The ceremony is conducted in the similar process like that of the rest of the world. Family members and friends of the couple come together to add joy and celebration to the event. Though the sacred rites throughout the country are basically the same, there can be regional difference. This is because communities of different tradition tend to be influenced by their living.

Rituals and Customs

There are three main ceremonies i.e. pre, on the day and post event days. Bridal shower is the first one that is celebrated with lot of fun and entertainment. It is conducted by the bride's family and friends which known as a hen party that mainly consists of females. The next excitement is the bachelor's party where the groom along with his friends celebrates a stag party before the main day. There is much excitement involved as the groom celebrates his last party as a bachelor.

During the main ceremony, the bride is welcomed by a decorated car sent by the groom. On the arrival of the bride, she is handed a bouquet of flowers and the couple walk along the aisle. They reach the priest who conducts the mass. Blessing and exchanging of rings is the next stage. After the end of the mass, the couple signs the register and move along the aisle out of the church.

Special Features

According to this tradition, a reception for celebration is conducted after the mass. In the reception party, the couple is warmly welcomed by a shower of confetti as they reach the cake placed in the centre. A toast is raised in honour of the couple that is followed by dance and music. The reception party usually consists of dinner party and dance.

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