Wedding Mithai or Sweets
Every kind of happiness in Indian society is celebrated by distributing sweets and if it is the occasions of weddings its significance increases many times. Wedding Mithai /Sweets are considered as something to express happiness and enjoyment attached with the institution of marriage. Presenting sweet to someone is considered as a sense of belongingness. The types of sweets keep changing from region to region but the spirit behind it is always full of love and honor.

Wedding Mithai or sweets

Wedding Mithai/Sweets are an inseparable part of Indian weddings. The guests of the wedding are welcomed with a variety of sweets. In India, presenting sweets in weddings is considered as a warm and an honest gesture. There are different types of Indian weddings and the types of sweets that are served in them change with the changing communities.

Be it Bengali, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Telagu or Maharashtrian wedding, the ceremony will not be completed without sweets. The wedding mithai/sweets are made with all the perfection and precision as the guests will always remember the wedding for the sweets they were offered. The hosts always feel delighted to choose a variety of sweets for their son's or daughter's wedding.

One can taste different wedding mithai/sweets in different wedding occasions. In a Tamil wedding Payasam that is the sweet liquid made up of rice is presented to the guests. The menu also includes Laddu, a sweet ball and jangri, a circular sweet. A Maharashtrian wedding comprise of the sweets like Jalebi and Gulab Jamun, Shrikhand and Basundi. A Bengali Wedding will comprise of the Bengali wedding/mithai sweets like Rasgulla, sandesh and rasmalai. The Gujarathi wedding mithai/sweets comprise of the SonPapadi. Marwaris have special badam katlis, sweets made of fresh almonds, made for the weddings. Sindhis have different wedding mithais/sweets that are eithermade of white grams or pumpkins that have been enriched in flavour by adding a lot of dry fruits to it.
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Be it any occasion, wedding mithai/sweets have always played a major part in Indian weddings. It is sort of compulsion to add sweets in the wedding feast's menu because it is a joyous occasion and people want to express their happiness by distributing sweets.
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