Wedding Jokes
Wedding jokes make the most auspicious moment of wedding a moment of fun and rejoice. These fun filled creative jokes coupled with humorous quotient of your friends and relatives make this most beautiful day of your marriage a memorable affair. These jokes increase and add some humor to the weddings. As there are some joking relationships in the Indian social systems these jokes play a pivotal role in strengthening social relations.

Wedding Jokes

A wedding is an occasion when people need some coaxing before they can open out to their new relatives. Wedding jokes are the perfect ice breakers for the 'to be' relatives. The basic themes of the jokes are best fabricated around a wedding or a relationship. But jokes of other categories like sports, animals and shopping also are included.
Wedding jokes are best cracked squeaky clean. This is not your high school prom party to divulge the contents of your filthy mind. Jokes are a lot like fire and can create or destroy with equal ease.

Jokes about the bride or her relatives are to be avoided; such things can really offend people. Another thing to be avoided is jokes on past girlfriends/boyfriends. Wedding Jokes have a super sensitive time factor which must always be kept in mind. An untimely joke can mess up a beautiful ambience in a matter of minutes. Wedding Jokes are primarily themed about the beginning of the end for the groom. One famous joke is about a guy who never got married because the wedding rings appeared to him as miniature hand cuffs. While these jokes are fun they must not be stretched to the limits where they start bothering the bride or her parents. A good thing to do before opening your bag of jokes is to talk to people, that way you'll know if they are too conservative or can be easily hurt. One should stay clear of jokes about Death, Divorce and the likes.

Special features
Wedding jokes have become an inevitable part of an Indian wedding. A laugh shared together can go a long way in cementing a relationship between people.One liners are more potent and the latest one doing the rounds is 'My Wife says I never listen or something like that' and 'Every Man/Woman must marry - after all happiness is not everything in life'.
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