Wedding Cake
A wedding cake is one of the prime ingredients of the wedding reception as it is served on the day of wedding reception to guests and invitees. In recent times the wedding cakes has changed for better as it has become large and multi-layered or tiered, and beautifully decorated with icing. On the top there is a small statue signifying the couple just married.

Wedding Cake

Cutting a cake has become an integral part of many wedding ceremonies in the modern era . One can select a unique cake for the wedding celebration, so that it adds to the charm of the celebrations. One can look for various bakers and get a unique yummy wedding cake for the celebration.
One can get a cake specially baked from the baker in the best style. One can select a good shape and taste for the cake according to ones choice. Various types of designs are available for the wedding cakes these days and one can get ideas from various sources like internet, books, and stores.

The cake flavors and fillings could be chosen from almond, vanilla, chocolate, ice scream, spice, banana, carrot. The icing of the cake is also very important. The wedding cake icing could be of butter cream, royal icing, marzipan, sugar paste, decorators icing, and fondant. The designs are not limited. One can give a personalized touch to the cake and make it a unique wedding cake.

One can take some ideas for wedding cake from the various websites and books. One must at first decide on the cake size then the color and theme. A generalized taste of the guests should be taken into consideration along with the tastes of bride and groom. One can go to a craft store and get some ideas probably. A wide variety of cake toppings, lace, ribbons, and flowers for the wedding cake are available in the market.

Special features
Decoration of the wedding cake is as important as a wedding gown. People get impressed by the grandeur at the wedding celebrations. One can get various types of accessories for decorating the cake and making it beautiful at appearance. One can also make the wedding cake by themselves. It would sound as an ominous task but it would reflect emotions and tastes of the couple.
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