Indian Wedding Traditions
Indian Wedding Traditions are extensive and includes a number of rituals and customs. The importance of Indian wedding lies in the fact that it not only unites two minds bodies and souls but also enjoys the coming together of two families showing great belief in Indian traditions. A bunch of different rituals and ceremonies unite to bless couples for a new journey of their life.

Indian Wedding Traditions

Indian Wedding Traditions are innumerable and remarkable in their grandeur. From pre wedding ceremonies to the ceremonies that extend after the marriage, all Indian Wedding Traditions make an essential part of a wedding. Sweets, coconuts, red threads, money all are woven together in the different Indian Wedding Traditions. All the communities in India have some thing or the else in common. Again each community has a distinguishable Wedding Tradition.
Different communities have different Wedding Traditions which are interesting in their own way. Parsis have traditions like haath boravanu, pag dhovan and chero choravanu. Indian Wedding Traditions of the Gujratis and Marwaris are also interesting. In one such tradition the mother-in-law of the groom catches his nose on arrival. The Punjabis have a special Chura Ceremony of the bride where the maternal uncle and gift her with red and white bangles, symbols of a married woman.

Some communities have the custom where the sister-in-law of the groom hides his shoes and takes money in return. The bride and the groom are asked to find the coins. One who finds it first is the winner and supposed to rule the roost. Both the 'mangalsutra' and sindoor ceremony are an important aspect of many Hindu and Sikh Wedding Traditions . In the mangalsutra ceremony the groom ties a necklace of black and gold beads around the neck of the bride.,." On the other hand the sindoor ceremony is where the husband applies the vermilion in the parting of his wife's hair just above the forehead. Incidentally, Married Hindu women apply this red color along the hairline to denote their matrimonial status. Both the wearing of mangalsutra and the application of the sindoor go into becoming a permanent custom for a married woman and she has to follow it till her husband is alive

Special features
Most of the Indian Weddings are an elaborate affair where the Indian Wedding Traditions extend for around a week. This time is celebrated as a carnival time with festive mood residing over everybody's mind.
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