Nature theme for wedding

Nature Theme for wedding

The use of colors and textures are important elements to incorporate and enhance the nature theme for your wedding program designs. The choice of both the artificial and the real plants, flowers or trees are good things to develop a distinct touch. You can go a step further by adding images of butterflies, birds and other little creatures that thrives in the natural world.

"Be Green" Wedding Theme
Given the resurgence of effort to care of the nature, one can focus on the green natural environment theme for their wedding. Wedding favors that may include little organic plant pots or flower seeds are good ways to promote a better environment from our side. For tablecloths, napkins and even for the bridesmaid dresses, choosing organic materials are wise decisions.

Receptions can be decorated with fresh green plants and shrubs to welcome guests and make everyone have a feel of being in nature.

One can opt for several other natural settings to serve as the wedding theme. Be it the bloom of the cherry tree that symbolizes natural beauty. Cherry blossoms are closely related with spring season that is characterized as a period of green and freshness all around.

Beautiful bridal dresses are available that are elegant and attractive wedding blossom invitations, decorative cherry blossom cakes and blossom wedding favors are great to use for this theme.

"Sea World" Wedding Theme
The marine life of the vast water bodies is beautiful and inspirational in their own right. The starfish, seashells or the ocean fish and corals are a wonder of their own. Ideas are numerous for this sea based theme. A message in a bottle can serve as a classic invitation reflecting the theme based wedding. For favors, there are items such as stoppers, candle holders, cake toppers and decorative dishes accented with shells, dolphins and starfish to choose from.

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