Celestial Theme Wedding
Couples looking for a romantic and exciting, unique and lovely wedding should go for a celestial theme wedding. The starry eyed couples can make their big day full of fun and excitement. Your theme wedding is going to be a star-filled event putting you and your spouse on cloud seven. The best day for your celestial wedding is a night on full moon. You will cherish these moments for the lifetime.

Celestial Theme Wedding

From time immemorial human being has an inherent fascination for the sun moon and several twinkling stars that dots the sky. So going for a celestial theme wedding is not a surprise when it comes to weddings. Because man promise to gift nothing less than a star of the sky to her lady love.

Mere pronouncement of word "celestial", paints a picture full of starlit sky, where they can ask for the blessings from a shooting star and gleaming moon offering showering with milky white giving this planet earth a bridal touch.

When it comes to weddings the couples have different choices and fascination of their own. Some desires to tie the nuptial knot outdoors to give their weddings a altogether different touch, although for a bigger congregation, it's ideal to select an indoor venue. Their can be locations like nearby planetarium, hotel or resort on the hilltop or a jungle lodge or resort to offer a starry sky amidst the chirping birds and cicada concert.

The hunt for the celestial theme wedding compells couples to set up some telescopes to catch the rare glimpse of striking constellations lodestars. Your guests and relatives will have an entertaining time viewing the stars in magnified picture. Every one will enjoy the celestial themes of your weeding but most happy will be the children if you add documentary films relating to galaxies and universe. The other things make your theme wedding entertaining is Books, celestial games, astronomical games to offer children a quality entertainments.

Special Features
To give your celestial theme wedding more sparkle your can decorate the venue with gold stars, gleaming moon and electrical arrangement showing the movements of stars
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