Weddings in Bangalore can be an amazing experience for starry eyed couples. The city of gardens has excellent facilities and services to play a host to your nuptials. Enjoy the bliss of seven vows in this garden city of India. Your most auspicious moments in India's Silicon Valley will be a point to cherish for the lifetime. The city has perfect setting for making a commitment to remain together through all thick and thin.

Weddings in Bangalore

The plan of wedding in the city of gardens is one of the best decisions you have ever taken. You, your beloved and your family and friends will enjoy the weddings in Bangalore as this beautiful city is also the capital of the state of Karnataka and highly popular as India's Silicon Valley. The culture of the Karnataka is very good and wedding ceremony is predominantly performed in the Kannada way. These rituals are very interesting in performance and add colour to the wedding ceremony. Some of the important wedding rituals are classified as a pre wedding, wedding and post wedding rituals.
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Weddings in Bangalore are initiated by pre wedding rituals. One of the pre wedding rituals is Naandi custom which is carried out by both the bride and the groom in their homes. It is performed so that the marriage can be performed undisturbed. The second ritual is Kashi Yatra (groom pretends to be leaving for the Kashi to renounce this world and persuaded by brides brother to perform the marriage) traditional Dev Karya ceremony is also a ceremony to be performed in your Bangalore weddings.

The first wedding ritual is Mandap puja, is performed to purify the Mandap and the hall,which is the place for ceremonies. The second ritual is Var puja(brides father washes the feet of the groom). Then bride and groom exchange garlands with the chant of mantras. The next ritual is Dhare Herdu (bride's parents give her daughters hand to groom), afterward tying the mangalsutra and Saptapadi rituals performed.

Griha Pravesh is one of the important post wedding rituals.

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You can hire the services of the professional wedding planner to avoid the last moment jitters during weddings in Bangalore.