Sikh Weddings
With a small but significant population the Sikh community have made their mark on Indias socio- cultural horizon. The Sikh wedding rituals that are generally performed in Gurudwaras, in the presence of preacher, family, friends and relatives, exudes great charm and festivities. The wedding ceremony that lasts for a week offers a great chance for food and feast that are hallmark of Sikh weddings.

Sikh Weddings

The Sikh Weddings in India start a week before the wedding day with the different ceremonies and rituals taking place. These ceremonies continue for some time even after the marriage ceremony is over. An ambience of fun and frolic is created amidst which the various ceremonies take place. The marriage ceremony is performed in a Gurudwara, the place of worship of the Sikhs.
Rituals and Customs
Typical Sikh Weddings start with the Tilak ceremony. Both the sides meet and Tilak is applied on the forehead of the groom. A bhaiji from the Gurudwara reads the hymns and then offers a date for the marriage. The Chura Ceremony is held at the Brides place in which the maternal aunt and uncle of the girl put red and white bangles on the girls wrist. Maiya is also a pre Sikh Wedding custom in which both the bride and the groom are not allowed to leave the house for a few days before the marriage.

In Gana, an auspicious red thread is tied to the left wrist of the bride and the right wrist of the groom. Vatna is a ceremony in which scented powder of barley flour, mustard oil and turmeric is applied to the bodies of the bride and the groom. Soon after, they take a ritual bath. The Mehendi ceremony, an important part of Sikh Weddings, takes place on the eve of the marriage day. Gharoli is a ceremony that takes place at the grooms place. The grooms sister-in-law fills a pitcher with water from the well in the Gurudwara which is later used to bathe the bridegroom.

The Milni Ceremony is held on the day of the Sikh Wedding. The grooms sister, at his place, ties a sehra on his forehead and a garland of notes is hung around his neck. On the main ceremony, both the bride and the groom sit to attend the Guru Granth Sahib Kirtan chanted by the bhaiji of the Gurudwara. The Weddings ceremony comes to an end with the Doli or Vidai of the bride.

People often make special flower arrangements for the Weddings. Nowadays special musical programmes are also organized. There is a lot of enjoyment and celebration that takes place during the Sikh Weddings.
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