Tips for Indian Groom

Tips for the Indian Groom


For a long time grooms pay less attention to their overall appearance as compare to the brides. But things are changing and so has the attitude of the grooms. They have become more conscious of their looks and see if they are presentable.

Every generation and time has a trend of its own which can also be considered a fashion trend. Right from a proper hair style to the watch he wears, everything he wears is a subject to be reassessed to see if they are proper and adhere to modern style statement. In case of confusion, the grooms can follow these tips, which can really help them to seek everyones attention.

For wear, grooms have the option to choose from the traditional Sherwanis, Jodhpuri suits and Kurta Pajamas. North Indians generally wear the long fitting pyjama Churidar made of muslins or cottons. Jodhpuri is preferred by younger men as it gives a regal look. Off-white Sherwani is a long coat buttoned up in front with Nehru collars and falls well below the knees, and looks elegant especially if the groom is tall, and the,yes physique is perfect.

Hair should be given much attention as it is a part of a determinant of one's look. A perfectly worn outfit is useless if his hair does not complement it. Maintenance of a good clean healthy hair is to use shampoo and conditioners at appropriate intervals. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to prevent hair fall.

Grooms also have the responsibility to care for their skins as harsh environmental condition damages and harm the skin's tissues. Besides, a hectic lifestyle and lack of proper nutritional diet does no good to the skin. Moisturizers and night replenishing cream can do wonders for the skin in the long run. Facials are good occasionally to retain the glowing effect of the skin.

Accessories also form a major part of the groom's appearance as it gives the complete look. Matching watches, cufflinks and the perfect wedding ring adds up to bring the final style and elegance to the man of the hour.

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