Indian Groom Sword

Indian Groom Sword


Sword is symbolic of a warrior. Indian history is galore with the exploits of its glorious warrior class of different regions. In the fight against foreign invaders the sword proved to be valuable asset. Even though, the sword may be obsolete in modern times; it is a symbolical representation of the earlier princely states and other privileged class of the past periods.

The practice of carrying swords by the groom is more prevalent in the northern parts of India as compared to other regions. The Sikh community and the Rajput community of north western Rajasthan have in their customs this carrying of the swords in their marriage ceremony.

The groom carries the sword by the side of his hips when he comes ridding on the white horse while on his way to the bride's place where the main rituals including the vows and sacred circling of the fire takes place.

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