Groom Shervani
Weddings are most awaited occasions for individuals. Groom Shervani is one of the most popular apparels. The groom looks handsome in Shervani at the day of weddings. And now this is choicest attire for the every groom to be married. Groom Shervanis is traditional ethnic wear of the India and we have not borrowed it form the west. Sherwani is the part of every groom who has just married or going to be married in coming few days.

Groom Sherwani

Wedding is a once-in-a life occasion where groom and bride are strongly recommended for wearing perfect traditional attires. Groom Shervanis, suits and Kurta Pyjamas are the traditional attires for grooms. It is a close fitted jacket like garment that has the opening in front with button fastening - a Nehru collar. Groom Sherwani may be of knee length or longer. The traditional Indian wear Sherwani signifies elegance and style. Colorful Shervanis ranging from few thousand to lakhs are perfect to add glitter on grooms personality. Sherwani is the typical attire of the Punjabi and North Indian wedding. The Sherwani looks good on tall and well-built people.
Types of Groom Sherwanis
Traditionally, Sherwani worn are off-white in color. But other colors are also in trend now-a-days, like darker shades and black can be worn by grooms. Groom Sherwani can be of various types like the Baloochi and Peshawari. They are embellished with embroidery and zardosi work. There are two main types of Sherwanis - stitched Sherwanis and unstitched Sherwanis. Stitched Sherwanis are the ancient heritage Indian handloom items that still live with the same picture as the past. Groom Sherwani with embroider work are more preferable one. Unstitched Sherwanis are readymade attires that are available in vibrant colors and can be tailored to make elegant suits.
Special Features
The Groom Sherwani is incomplete without the flowing kurtas, ghatsholas, churidar pyjamas and jooties (nagra) or Indian sandals. These are the common accessories used with the Sherwani for perfect look. These are the things that create magic in the weddings because it is a unique combination of both creativity and Indian tradition.
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