Indian Groom Jewelry

Indian Groom Jewelry


Jewelry occupies an important part for the overall appearance of the bride and the groom. In this article, the main emphasis is on the groom and the required jewelry for him.

It is to be borne in the mind that in Indian weddings jewelry is more or less confined to the bride and has hardly to do with the groom though one or two pieces are required. Of the most necessity of jewelry, the wedding ring occupies the most prominent position. There are other items that can be retained by the groom but it is more of an individual choice based on his perception of fashion.

That would include chains with or without pendants, bracelets, finger rings and the engagement rings. Traditionally or customarily jewelry items made of the yellow gold has ruled the roost, but in recent times the popularity and the preference for white gold and more specifically platinum has increased impressively as both have the similar or greater value and much less luster. Sales improved justifying the new trends.

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