Groom Ethnic Wear
The groom wear for the wedding has received a new trend of dressing; it is retuning back to roots and opting for ethnic wears. Groom ethnic wears are latest trend in the fashion industry as more and more grooms are opting for ethnic wear to look retro-sexual. The wedding wear has always been intriguing fashion designers. And now they have find something appealing in the form of ethnic wears.

Groom Ethnic Wear

In the last few years more and more emphasis has been paid by the fashion industry on the development of the grooms ethnic wear . Even big and small fashion designers are coming up with the chic attire for the grooms. Due to this the stylish male has begun to add class and elegance to the wedding suites. Though the fashion and style has brought about a lot of change in the grooms wear the wedding attire matters a lot according to traditions and rituals of every region. The groom ethnic wear is usually designed according to his personal style and with regards to the custom of the place, also the type of wedding.
Types of Groom Ethnic Wear
As you travel around India you will find diversity in the groom ethnic wear. Like in the Northern part of India the grooms attire consists of a Sherwani accompanied with a Chudidar. The dress is complete with a matching turban. However if you visit southern part of India the grooms ethnic wear would be a festoon dhoti that is commonly called as Veshti that is accompanied with a kurta or Jabba.

Sherwani is a common groom ethnic wear which has a look like a jacket . This attire which is without a collar is long in length and reaches till the knees. The sherwani is worn with a churidar trouser along with a matching shawl over the shoulders. The other ethnic wear is Jodhpuri suit that is similar to the western wear except for the jacket that is of a shout collar. This is worn with a matching trouser and a shirt underneath. Kurta Pyjmas are also most commonly seen in north Indian weddings. This groom wear is a long tunics of knee length that is worn with a trouser of matching colour.

Special Features
The groom ethnic wear is most commonly a wear that speaks of the tradition and region. The grooms wear is gradually moving towards the modern wear which is designed according to the individual style and tradition.
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