Groom Accessories
The pursuit of looking good is inherent in human nature and on the eve of weddings this desire breaks all the barriers. The market is flooded with groom accessories to help groom look at his best. In comparison to former times when groom was left with only a few choices these days there is no dearth of accessories in the market to look after the needs of the groom so that he can live up to expectations on the D- day.

Groom Accessories

Groom accessories play a very important role in a traditional Indian wedding. Selecting the right wedding outfit for the groom is important while considering the style and the tradition. This defines the contemporary and ethnic accessories which define the outfit of the groom. As with diversity of traditions in India there are various groom accessories that indicate the type of the wedding.
Types of Groom Accessories
One of the main groom accessories is the Sherwani with a diamond cufflink and along with this is the Turban which can be used with different fabrics like tie dyes, leheriyas or self woven brocades. This is usually worn with a Sherwani, heavy Churidar Kurta or a Jodhpuri suit. Another accessory is the pagri that is made up of chunri and gharchola which enhances the look of a groom.

The other groom accessories are the Kantha, which is a necklace that is made up of white pearls and beads and is worn as an ornament. There are traditional items called as moti mala that is worn to enhance the look of the bride. The sehra is also another important accessory that is worn during the wedding ceremony. Mojris are traditional footware that are worn with Jodhpuris and Sherwanis and are usually hand crafted.

Special Features
The unique traditional groom accessories are Swords and Knives that represent prestige and royalty. These knives are normally hand crafted and the groom holds them throughout the wedding process. A waistband or Kamar Patta is also very rarely seen in the weddings. They are traditional handcrafted materials that provide royal appeal to the wedding dress.
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