Bridal Jewelry
Bridal Jewellery imparts a glittering effect to the overall appearance of bride. The jewellery is an integral part of the Indian wedding from the time immemorial. The bridal make-up is said to be incomplete without donning jewellery. Various stories and legends are attached with the bridal jewellery and its significance. In a large number of Indian weddings the bride wears yellow gold jewellery, but in recent times there are changes in bridal jewellery as the use of other metal and stones are getting momentum.

Bridal Jewelry

One of the most important aspects of wedding ceremony is bridal jewelry. Be it a pendant set or a necklace set, rings, bangles, earrings or bracelets, wedding jewelry is the most important part of life in any Indian women. Bridal jewelry can be from gold, silver platinum or diamond and the jewelry depend on your taste and budget.
Types of Bridal Jewelry
The bridal jewelry includes Maangtika, Necklace, Nose Ring, Earrings, Bangles, Waistband, Toe rings and Anklets. The Maangtika is the center parting jewelry of a bride that usually comes in different colours and styles of diamonds and gemstones like pearls. Choosing of earrings depend on the style and colour of trousseau. You can choose gold earrings if the bridal garments are of gaudy shade like copper brown or radish maroon.

The traditional called Nath or the nose ring should be chosen so that is matches the earrings. The most eye catching bridal jewelry is the necklace. A perfect necklace would be in sync with the nose ring and earrings and also match the attire. Choosing the bangles should be done carefully as they are the symbol of Indian tradition. Armbands can be worn for a sleeveless cut sari where as the colour and the style should match your outfit. The wedding ring is the most important part of bridal jewelry and gold ring would perfectly match an ethnic look. A slim figure can highlight a waist band that can be worn on a sari and also lehenga. Bridal foot jewelry also matters that give you a chic look.

Special Features
As bridal jewelry is considered as the most important aspect in Indian wedding, there are various modern trends in jewelry coming to add style to the wedding. Always be careful in choosing your jewelry to match your attire as they would highlight you from the crowd.
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