Bridal Hair Care
Pre- wedding days are hectic for bride as she has to cope with the tensions related to a new life which is completely different from the life she has lived so far. In addition, she has to look at her best on the day of wedding so she needs to plan everything in advance. Bridal hair care is one such aspect that should taken care of well in advance as the new look take some time to settle.

Bridal Hair Care

A bad hair day on your wedding date is a sure shot recipe for disaster. Hair texture, strength and smoothness are often hereditary; however with a balanced diet and proper care one can inject life into the dullest of hair. Bridal Hair Care is of utmost importance if one doesn't want to turn up for the wedding looking like a mess.
Types of Bridal Hair Care
Grooming for the hair should ideally start around two weeks before the wedding. The important thing to note in Bridal Hair Care is not to do anything drastic a week before the wedding. Rushed decisions rarely work out, even so when one is in a nervous and excited mindset. Bridal Hair Care is not always about cleansing fluids and chemical leave on's. One must drink plenty of water and load up on vitamins at least 6-8 weeks before the wedding for getting the shine back on those locks. Water washes away the toxins that rob you of energy which leaves your hair dull and lifeless. Cleanse your hair with mild shampoos and apply an herbal conditioner which opens up scales and provide deep nourishment to the roots.

Bridal Hair Care includes spa treatments such as hot oil massage and aroma therapy which helps the hair to rejuvenate leaving them silky and lustrous. Henna conditioning and coloring has traditionally been an important part of Bridal Health Care but it's not recommended if you have pre mature graying hairs, as the henna lends a copperish red hue to grey hair.

Special Features
Nowadays a lot bride is experimenting with colors. The right highlights with 3-4 color weaves can really light up a face. It is best to stick to sober colors like burgundy and dark hues of red. Brighter shades of red and blonde streaks go well with fair skin but are best avoided especially so if the guests don't share your passion for extremes.
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